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Always win with WinWin Club difference
As AmorFX, we are an institution that aims to grow together with our investors. It is one of our principles to introduce the values ​​of our institution to as many investors as possible, and that our investors benefit equally from the progress of our institution. We are happy to grow and develop together with our WinWin Club member investors.

The campaign includes 3 stages and very simple conditions.

  • We start our club member investors with a minimum investment of 500 USD and their membership upon request.
  • Afterwards, a reference that we expect from our investors has turned into an active investor.
  • Fulfill the lot requirement of 5% of the last investment.
  • Our investors who complete these conditions will automatically receive a 50% bonus on their next investment.
  • Each time these three conditions are completed, you will be eligible again and again and you will be able to benefit from the campaign as much as you want.
  • The maximum bonus amount is set at 2000 USD.
  • This bonus will be a withdrawable bonus if a lot is traded at the rate of 1/10 of the investment after the last investment.
  • The campaign can be terminated by AmorFX if the investor detects malicious use. (Hedge or arbitrage use etc.)
  • AmorFX reserves the right to change the rules of this promotion or cancel the promotion altogether. It is the investor's own responsibility to follow the current rules of any promotion.